By Alexandra

Bucharest is the 5th largest capital in the European Union. Its random mix of architecture gives it a uniquely eclectic look. Its modern boulevards were cut through the yards of medieval Inns, parks were made on top of moors and medieval churches were hidden behind stalinist apartment blocks. It went through the biggest destruction of any city during times of peace, when Nicolae Ceaușescu decided to build his massive Palace that is today the working Parliament and the most visited place of Romania.

It burnt for 10 days in 1847 and today baffels foreigners with the high number of small churches very close to each other. Another interesting fact is that despite 500 years under Ottoman rule, you can barely find traces of the ottomans here.

I hope I have sparked your curiosity about this city, and I hope that the information you will find here make your Bucharest Break enjoyable.

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